When a 23-year-old college student is murdered near Baltimore, her twin sister went on a one-woman mission to bring that killer to justice.

Every time she looks in the mirror, Jenny Carrieri is haunted by her loss. For 20 years she's mourned the death of her twin sister, a pretty, vivacious 23-year-old Jody LeCornu.

Jody was murdered on the night of March 2, 1996, shot in the back in cold blood. No one knows who did it. Jenny cannot rest until she finds out. And for the first time in decades she may be closer than ever.

Police have eyewitnesses, surveillance from nearby businesses, and a description of the shooter: An African-American male in his 20s or 30s, weighing about 200-220 pounds, wearing a green fatigue jacket.

"They have fingerprints but they haven't been able to match it up," said Jenny Carrieri. "They have several suspects they have videos they have lots of evidence."

But the search for Jody's murderer could lead to dark and dangerous places.

Baltimore County: Police Continue To Search For The Murderer of Joann "Jody" LeCornu - March 2, 2018