By any standard Bradford Bishop was a man of many accomplishments, with an Ivy League education, two master's degrees and a desirable career.

"Brad Bishop was a Foreign Service officer, highly intelligent," said FBI Case Agent Charles Adams. "He knew five or six languages, seemed to have this all-American family, high school sweetheart, three good-looking kids, traveled around the world, belonged to the local tennis club, just appeared to have it all."

Bradford Bishop is accused of killing his mother, wife and his three young children. He then vanished.

With his knowledge and credentials, the suspected mass murderer could be anywhere.

At the time of the murders, Bishop was only 39; today he would be 79.

Bishop was put on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted List. The agency hopes that will generate even more leads and close the case once and for all.

The FBI has even come up with an age-progressed model and age-progression pictures of how Bishop might look today.

And remember these character traits as well: Bishop was an avid camper and hiker who loved to drink scotch and eat peanuts and spicy foods.

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