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Wild About Trial: 'Revenge porn' on search sites; New info in Tex McIver case

Crime Watch Daily breaks down some of the biggest cases from across the country. Today we're joined by Crime Watch Daily Correspondent and Attorney Eboni K. Williams and attorney Jesse Weber.

Today's first case we told you about earlier this week: Atlanta lawyer Tex McIver claims he accidentally shot and killed his wife from the backseat of their car while they were driving with a friend. Now he has been charged with involuntary manslaughter. He claims it was a tragic accident, but then it was revealed he owed her a lot of money and was quickly selling her designer wardrobe only months after she died. So the big question is, Was it an accident or not?

Next, a case that has unfortunately become all too common: a "revenge porn victim" has filed a lawsuit against Google, Yahoo and Bing demanding they delete her name because her ex-boyfriend posted an X-rated video of her and posted it online. Now it's the first thing that comes up when you search her name, and she says it's preventing her from finding a job. So does she stand a chance of winning this?

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