Indiana man speaks out on racist July 4th assault at Lake Monroe
Vauhxx Booker said Department of Natural Resources officers came to the scene but refused to arrest his attackers according to the Bloomingtonian.

via WTHR:

MONROE COUNTY, Ind. (WTHR) -- Indiana man Vauhxx Booker and a group of friends had hiked to watch the eclipse near Lake Monroe Saturday night when Booker was allegedly attacked by a group.

Booker is the Monroe County Affordable Housing Commission Chair and a member of the Monroe County Human Rights Commission.

The Bloomingtonian reports just before 7:52 p.m. Saturday, Booker said he called 911 after being assaulted. Booker said he was pinned to a tree, and a group of men threatened to break his arms, and made the statement “get a noose,” while telling Booker’s companions to leave the area. Booker said the individuals claimed he and his companions had trespassed on private property.

"I wasn't on private property. Even if I was, it would be reprehensible for someone to attack me. For five men to pin me down and threaten to get a noose while I was pinned against a tree," Booker told WHNT 13News.

GRAPHIC VIDEO: Vauhxx Rush Booker - Facebook

Fortunately for Booker, many bystanders decided not to stand by. Some decided to take video on their cellphones, which they granted Booker permission to post on his Facebook page.

Booker said Department of Natural Resources officers came to the scene but refused to arrest his attackers, according to the Bloomingtonian.

WHNT 13News reached out to the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, which had been called to investigate, and was given the following response: "The Indiana Department of Natural Resources, Law Enforcement Division is working diligently with the Monroe County Prosecutor’s Office to ensure a lawful resolution. This matter remains under investigation and no further information will be released at this time."

The Indianapolis Star reports Booker said he suffered a minor concussion, cuts, bruises and had some of his hair pulled out.