Missouri terror suspect plotting to bomb hospital killed by agent, FBI says

via WDAF:

BELTON, Mo. (WDAF) -- The FBI says a man who was shot and killed by an agent Tuesday was planning to bomb a hospital after he became frustrated with government action to stop the spread of coronavirus.

On March 24, the FBI said one of their agents was involved in a shooting that left one man dead in the 100th block of Wilbur Parish Circle in Belton. The FBI now says the man who died in the shooting was 36-year-old Timothy Wilson. The incident occurred when agents tried to arrest Wilson, who was armed at the time.

The shooting occurred after the FBI tried to arrest Wilson when he arrived to pick up what he thought was a truck bomb.

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According to the FBI, Wilson was the subject of a domestic terrorism investigation and that the investigation revealed that he was a potentially violent extremist who was motivated by racial, religious and anti-government sentiments.

After the coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent social distancing efforts implemented by local governments, Wilson "decided to accelerate his plan to use a vehicle-born improvised explosive device in an attempt to cause severe harm and mass casualties," according to a press release from the FBI.

The FBI did not name the hospital that Wilson intended to target.

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