Feb. 28, 2020 (TCD) --

In this week's podcast: Missing 15-month-old Tennessee girl Evelyn Boswell was last seen in December, but an Amber Alert was not issued until last week (2:23). Evelyn’s mom has been arrested for filing false reports. Evelyn’s grandma and her grandma’s boyfriend were also arrested, all held in the same jail. In Florida, a drunken game of hide-and-seek allegedly led to the death of Jorge Torres Jr., locked in a suitcase and recorded by his girlfriend as he suffocated (18:12). She's charged with murder. Defense attorney Alison Triessl co-hosts.

Evelyn Boswell (top left), Megan Boswell, Sarah Boone, Jorge Torres Jr.

Law Office of Alison Triessl: http://www.alisontriessllaw.com/

Wild About Trial: https://wildabouttrial.com/

TCD: Evelyn Boswell updates

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