Iowa high school teacher accused of using spy-cams to record naked women
WQAD / Bettendorf Police
Clinton VanFossen, 58, was arrested at his Bettendorf home Friday.

via WQAD:

BETTENDORF, Iowa (WQAD) -- A Davenport West High School science teacher was arrested Friday, Jan. 17, for reportedly recording naked women without their prior consent.

Clinton VanFossen, 58, was arrested at his Bettendorf home around noon.

The Bettendorf Police Department received a tip from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children two weeks ago that said a teenage female was being filmed while naked, or partially naked, without prior knowledge. Police determined the victims were were adult women, not teenage females.

Police went to 58-year-old Clinton VanFossen's home in Bettendorf on Jan. 7 and reportedly found two hidden "spy" cameras fashioned to look like smoke or carbon-monoxide detectors, according to police. One camera was in the ceiling of a bedroom and the second was in the hallway ceiling just outside of the bedroom. The affidavit said the camera systems were frequently accessed on a cellphone app.

Police found video with audio footage that showed women who stayed in the bedroom in various states of nudity from Dec. 26, 2019, to Jan. 4, 2020, the affidavit said. The victims said they did not know they were being recorded and did not give consent, according to the affidavit.

VanFossen was charged with five counts of invasion of privacy (nudity), one count of electronic and mechanical eavesdropping and one count of obstructing prosecution for destroying his cellphone.

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