14 people testify against Virginia mother accused of murdering toddler
WTKR / Hampton Police
Julia Tomlin was arrested over the summer, just days after she reported her 2-year-old son Noah missing

By Allison Mechanic, WTKR

HAMPTON, Va. (WTKR) -- All five charges against Julia Tomlin will move forward to Circuit Court. During the Hampton mother’s preliminary hearing Monday morning, a total of 14 people took the stand for the Commonwealth’s Attorney Office.

Tomlin was arrested over the summer, just days after she reported her 2-year-old son Noah missing. His body was found more than a week later inside the Hampton Steam Plant.

At first, the only charges against her were three felony child neglect charges. In October, murder and unlawful disposal of a body charges were also added.

The first witness to take the stand told the judge he brought Tomlin heroin on June 22, two days before Noah was reported missing. The man said he is the father of one of Julia’s children.

He stayed at the house for some time after giving Julia the drug to visit with his child. He says Julia was the only adult in the house and says he saw Noah in the living room.

A few hours later on June 22, another man came to Tomlin’s house; he told the judge he thought he was Noah’s father. He wanted to meet Noah, but Tomlin wouldn’t allow him to see the child.

He testified that Julia told him Noah was sleeping. The Commonwealth later presented evidence that shows that Noah was likely dead at the time the man came over.

The FBI agent who testified told the judge Julia said Noah died while taking an unattended bath. Julia told her that Noah hit his head and drowned. She then put him into bed and then later put his body in a diaper box and had a friend throw Noah’s body away.

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