VIDEO: Man shoves woman into subway car at Brooklyn train station
WPIX - "As for the woman who was pushed into the train, she was not seriously injured and did not file a police report"

By Joe Mauceri, WPIX:

BROOKLYN —- (WPIX) -- Police have arrested a man caught on video pushing a woman into a train.

They say he has a lengthy record of previous arrests for past crimes in on the subway. It was that lengthy record that helped police identify 28-year-old Isiah Thompson. The latest incident, happening Wednesday night on the Coney Island bound platform at the DeKalb Avenue station in Fort Greene. As soon as officers saw social media video of the incident they recognized Thompson from his previous run-ins with the law.

Thompson was quiet and speechless as detectives escorted him out of the Transit Squad station in Coney Island Thursday night.

A little more than 24-hours earlier, Thompson was far more animated, egging on subway riders before pushing a bystander from behind into an idling train then taking off into the tunnel.

Subway riders were shocked when seeing the video for the first time, but Thompson's actions came as no surprise to police.

The 28-year-old has more than a dozen previous arrests for subway crimes including another attempt to shove a woman onto the tracks, pulling the brakes on several subway cars, and exposing himself back in May.

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