Attempted rapist arrested after woman throws hot coffee at his face: police
The suspect

via WPIX:

NEW YORK CITY -- (WPIX) -- A man has been arrested after a woman threw a hot cup of coffee into his face to stop an attempted rape, police said.

The incident happened on Thursday, just before 10 p.m., near a residential building near Seaman Avenue in Inwood.

Police say Victor Cueto, 38, followed a 51-year-old female into the vestibule of the building and pushed her into the building's hallway.

Once behind the vicim, Cueto allegedly told her to "do as he said," according to police.

When Cueto tried to pull the woman's pants down, she turned around and threw her cup of coffee into his face and yelled out for help, police said.

In addition to attempted rape, Cueto has been charged with burglary and sex abuse.

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