Pennsylvania woman accused of causing second-degree burns to daughter's face
WPMT / York County
Brandy Gentzler

By Sean Naylor, WPMT

YORK COUNTY, Pa. (WPMT) -- A Seven Valleys woman is accused of causing injuries, including second-degree facial burns, to her 16-month-old daughter because the toddler wouldn’t stop crying.

Brandy Gentzler, 22, faces charges of aggravated assault, endangering the welfare of children and simple assault, court documents show.

While giving her daughter a bath on December 31, Gentzler allegedly held the toddler’s face under the water and faucet several times in an attempt to get her to stop screaming, according to the criminal complaint. When Gentzler realized her daughter’s face was getting red, she removed her from the water, placed the toddler on her chest and when she pulled back her child’s face, a piece of skin remained on Gentzler’s sweatshirt.

On January 3, State Police spoke with a nurse at Lehigh Valley Hospital. The nurse advised that an MRI showed three healed fractures, which included the seventh right rib, the right elbow and the left clavicle. She also confirmed the child had second-degree facial burns. There were no burns in the toddler’s mouth or nose.

Gentzler was also questioned about the healed fractures, in which she reportedly admitted to having been rough with her daughter because she “wants attention all the time.” Gentzler allegedly squeezed her daughter’s chest, shook her and lifted her up really hard.

Gentzler described a fourth incident when she was feeding her daughter, saying that the toddler bit her finger and to show her that biting hurts, Gentzler allegedly bit the “meaty part” of her hand.

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