Unlicensed dentist arrested again in next county over for practicing unlicensed dentistry
WGCL / Paulding County / Cobb County
Krista Szewczy: Paulding County (L), Cobb County (R)

By Jonathan Carlson, WGCL

MARIETTA, Ga. -- (WGCL) -- A Marietta dental office was raided by police this morning, and the owner, booked in the Cobb County jail. She's facing a charge of practicing dentistry without a license.

Last month, Krista Szewczyk was indicted in Paulding County on 40 counts of the same. She up and moved the business to Marietta, where police tell us they have at least one new alleged victim, and expect more. She was booked in the Cobb County detention center around noon time Thursday.

Szewczyk allegedly pulled teeth, applied fillings, replaced crowns and wrote prescriptions for pain medications, but she doesn’t have a license to practice dentistry, according to investigators. Her work sent at least one man to the hospital for emergency surgery to repair the damage done to his mouth, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

In an exclusive conversation with CBS46 at the time of her first arrest, Szewczyk said she denies the charges.