Cops search home of couple who raised $400K for homeless man after he paid for stranded woman's gas
Katelyn McClure, Johnny Bobbitt

via WPIX:

FLORENCE, N.J. -- (WPIX/AP) -- Authorities executed a search warrant at the New Jersey home of a couple who raised $400,000 online for a homeless Good Samaritan who now claims they mismanaged the cash.

The Courier-Post of Cherry Hill reports Florence police were at the home of Katelyn McClure and Mark D’Amico Thursday morning. Further information on the search wasn’t immediately released.

The couple is being sued by Johnny Bobbitt, who gave Katelyn McClure $20 for gas late one night in 2017 when she was stranded in Philadelphia. She later set up a GoFundMe page for him. The relationship eventually became strained Bobbitt’s lawyer says he’s been told that all the money is now gone. It’s unclear what happened to the money.

McClure and D’Amico have denied any wrongdoing.