Teens accused of strangling, stabbing man, pouring gasoline and lighting him on fire, then running him over in Chicagoland area
WGN / DuPage County
Tia Brewer, Francisco Alvarado, Jesus Correa

via WGN:

WEST CHICAGO, Ill. -- (WGN) -- A 16-year-old and two 18-year-olds have been charged in connection to the murder of a man whose body was found burning in West Chicago on Tuesday.

Authorities said Tia Brewer, 16, and Francisco Alvarado, 18, stabbed Luis Guerrero, 18, set him on fire and ran over him with a car. Brewer and Alvarado were charged with first-degree murder. Brewer has been charged as an adult. A third man, Jesus Correa, 18, was charged with concealment of a homicide in connection with Guerrero’s death.

Police said Guerrero's body was found in a field in the 1300 block of Joliet Street around noon Tuesday.

The DuPage County State's Attorney said at some point on Tuesday, Alvarado and Brewer arranged to meet Guerrero near the West Chicago Public Library. Officials said when they met, Alvarado approached Guerrero from behind and strangled him with a belt. Officials said at the same time, Alvarado and Brewer stabbed Guerrero multiple times in the neck. Officials said the two then put Guerrero into their Jeep Cherokee, traveled to a location on Joliet Street and took him out of the car. Officials said the pair then contacted Correa and asked him to bring gasoline. Officials said when Correa arrived, he gave the two the gas and left the scene. Officials said they then poured gas on Guerrero's body and lit him on fire.

While he was on fire, officials said Guerrero got up and started to run away, that's when Alvarado and Brewer ran him over with their car. Officials said the two then dragged Guerrero back to the fire pit, relit him on fire and placed a picnic table over him.

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