UPDATE October 14, 2019:

The Hartford Courant reports federal court judge ruled an insurance company doesn’t have to pay Robert Kalosky the $257,000 insurance policy belonging to his murdered wife even though no one has been charged in her 2018 death.

Judge Victor Bolden ordered the Zurich American Life Insurance Company to place Sandra Kalosky’s insurance benefit into an escrow account rather than pay it to her husband Robert Kalosky. Bolden said since the March 2018 homicide is unsolved the insurance company is in an untenable position.

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May 24, 2018:

In Connecticut, a husband finds himself under intense scrutiny after finding his wife murdered. And believe it or not, it's not the first person he's discovered dead in their home.

A mysterious death inside a Connecticut home leaves a community stunned in March 2018. A wife found dead, and cops say it was no accident.

Inside the home they find the body of Sandra Kalosky. Her death is ruled a homicide. According to the medical examiner, the 56-year-old wife and stepmother died from blunt injuries to the head and upper extremities.

No arrests have been made. No suspects or persons of interest named. Police say the case remains under investigation, and there is no threat to the public.

But so far that's all they've said about the mysterious death of Sandy Kalosky.

Suspicious deaths are very rare in East Haddam, Connecticut. But interestingly enough, the most mysterious one that's remembered there occurred nearly 19 years to the day that Sandy was found dead.

In February 1999, the body of Paula Kalosky was found with a gunshot to the head in the exact same home where Sandy died.

Just coincidence?