Police: New Mexico women drove to Oklahoma to kidnap 14-year-old boy
Kriste Aragon and Melissa Goelz

By Brittany Bade, KRQE

FARMINGTON, N.M. -- (KRQE) -- Police say two grown New Mexico women made the nearly 13-hour drive to eastern Oklahoma to kidnap a 14-year-old boy they met online.

"It was very alarming. We knew it was going to be a bad situation if we didn't act fast and get the boy located," said Chris Morris, the Sheriff of Pittsburg County, Oklahoma.

According to the affidavit, the 14-year-old boy told police he started talking to one woman through X-Box Live.

Police identify that woman as 35-year-old Kriste Aragon, a candy shop owner in Farmington.

The boy told police soon after they started talking "it got sexual." They say the two shared explicit pictures and Aragon told the teen she "wanted to have sex with him."

Police say the two made plans to meet in person. They say Aragon told the boy she just lived a half hour away from his house.

However, when the boy says when he got in the car, another woman, Aragon's friend, 29-year-old Melissa Goelz, was also there.

The boy told police he had also played X-Box with Goelz, but it does not appear the two had an inappropriate relationship.

The boy says the women then told him they were going to New Mexico and he "would never be coming back home."

"That's the doomsday scenario and that's what we're trying to prevent," said Special Agent Jay Ratliff, with the New Mexico Attorney General's office.

Ratliff says a woman initiating this type of crime is rare, but predators going out of their way for a victim isn't.

"It does happen pretty frequently, unfortunately," said Ratliff.

In the nearly 13 hour drive from Oklahoma to Farmington, the boy says he was sexually assaulted multiple times.

When he said he wanted to go home, the women allegedly told him his only way out was to be "left on the side of the road naked."

Luckily, Oklahoma authorities had tracked the phone number linked to Aragon's X-Box account back to her candy business. It led them to alert Farmington Police.

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