Crime Watch Daily has two very different sides of a bloody attack in Minnesota.

The incident ended with one person in the hospital and the other with a large knife in their back.

Leigh Orwig says her ex-husband Brock Orwig hunted her down and tried to kill her.

But Brock has a totally different account of what happened that day -- and now, in his first national TV interview, he's telling all.

A Minnesota woman tells a story of pure horror. She says her ex-husband storms her home -- wearing a wig -- then savagely beats her.

However, he says it's the other way around: she attacked him, and that's how he ended up with a knife in his back.

Now it's up to police investigators to try and figure out what really happened.

Leigh Orwig says her ex-husband Brock tried to kill her. He says it's the other way around, that she was the attacker. Who would the jury believe?

Brock Orwig is charged with attempted murder after his ex-wife Leigh says he attacker her in her home.

He says Leigh was the attacker, leaving a giant knife stuck in his back.

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