Preschool director 'told my child she was going to cut his fingers off'
Adetokunbo Akinnaso

By Ayana Harry, WPIX

PLAINFIELD, N.J. -- (WPIX) -- A Plainfield, New Jersey family spoke out in a one-on-one interview with PIX11 Thursday afternoon after the director of their child’s pre-school was arrested for pulling a knife on their 4-year-old child.

“My child and another child were being disciplined at the time they were brought to the directors office,” explained Raymond Moss. “At that time a knife was pulled out and she told my child she was going to cut his fingers off if he does not behave.”

It happened on Feb. 28, but Moss wasn't notified by the school. A staffer who witnessed the incident reported it to the New Jersey Department of Children and Families Institutional Abuse Investigation Unit and investigators contacted Moss.

Adetokunbo Akinnaso, the 64-year-old director of Dawn To Dusk Christian Childcare and Learning Center, was charged with two counts of cruelty or neglect of children, a fourth-degree offense. She could face up to 18 months in state prison if convicted.

Akinnaso is currently on leave from the school. She’ll next be in court on April 2.

"I feel as though she's still a danger to anyone she's around," Moss said.

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