Pam Hupp returns to court in preparation for her trial
Pam Hupp

By Chris Hayes, KTVI

ST. CHARLES COUNTY, Mo. -- (KTVI) -- Pam Hupp appeared in a St. Charles County courthouse shackled and wearing an orange jumpsuit at her hearing today. The Judge gave her family permission to bring her regular street clothing to wear, yet she entered the courtroom in her jail garb.

Hupp faces a first-degree murder charge, which followed her August 2016 arrest outside of her O’Fallon Missouri home. Hupp shot and killed a man with disabilities, claiming he attacked her. Prosecutors said Hupp planned everything in a bizarre and elaborate plot to set up someone else. The prosecution also claims she tried luring other victims.

Hupp’s defense attorneys have tried in the past to keep her out of court, claiming the media has caused her “distress and anxiety.” A court sketch shows her in front of Judge Jon Cunningham, who will not allow her to be video recorded. He will only allow video of his bench and the attorneys.

Friday was a status hearing in which the Judge said everyone is on track for a September 11 start of the trial. He expects it to last three weeks, including Saturdays. He set two other hearings that will take place before trial – one at the end of next month and the other in May.

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