A rising star in the Louisiana legal community is snuffed out in the middle of a high-profile murder case. The vicious attack took place right in the middle of her law office.

Chiquita Tate was the kind of defense attorney you wanted on your side, tirelessly working for her clients to get justice. But now police are wondering if one of those clients may have actually turned on her.

The tight-knit town of Baton Rouge, Louisiana is in shock after Tate is found dead.

Chiquita Tate was stabbed more than 30 times in her law offices. Now police are wondering if a pair of glasses might hold the clue to who was holding the knife.

The more police investigate the murder of defense attorney Chiquita Tate, the more it looks like her husband is involved.

His story is full of holes. Not to mention that inside his car, investigators find a pair of glasses covered in blood spatter.

And that's not all.

As police searched for Chiquita Tate's killer, they began to learn troubling details about her marriage.

To this day Greg Harris maintains he did not kill his wife, and he continues to point to unknown DNA under Tate's fingernails as the person who did. So far all of his appeals have been unsuccessful.