A 24-year-old Florida woman sends off a flurry of text messages. Hours later she's found dead from a single bullet straight through the heart.

Crime Watch Daily has the content of those texts in an all-new investigation.

The images may be crystal-clear, but what really happened to Natasha Boykin is baffling. Police find her jeans unzipped, her panties turned inside out.

Boykin's mother claims four pints of her daughter's blood are missing.

And the biggest mystery: A miracle bullet that somehow shoots through Boykin's breast implant, but doesn't leave a hole or a drop of blood on her bra.

Natasha Boykin's mother says she was murdered. Her cause of death is ruled a suicide.

Cops say Natasha Boykin drove to her boyfriend Casey White's unlocked apartment, grabbed a loaded .357 Magnum he kept by his bed, put the barrel to her chest and squeezed the trigger.

In fact Angel King, Boykin's mother, is so convinced her daughter didn't kill herself that she gathered every single autopsy and crime scene photo police would turn over and studied every inch of her dead daughter's body. To make sure she wasn't just a grieving mom who couldn't accept her daughter's suicide, she hired a private investigator.

Private investigator David Hodges tells Crime Watch Daily he believes police and the medical examiner were so convinced Natasha Boykin pulled the trigger herself that they never thoroughly investigated the possibility she was murdered.

Still desperate to prove her daughter was murdered, Angel King tries a different approach, bringing in Dr. Jonathan Arden, a renowned forensic pathologist who worked on the Chandra Levy and D.C Sniper cases, to review Boykin's death.

"In my opinion the manner of death for Natasha should be ruled 'undetermined' at this point," Arden said.

Both the Jacksonville County Sheriff's and Jacksonville Beach Police Departments declined to sit down for an interview, but the city attorney for Jacksonville did respond, saying: "The medical examiner is the sole person to determine the cause of death." And the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office and the Florida Law Enforcement Department concur with suicide.