Teen accused of murdering Colorado woman had 'kill list,' authorities say
Makayla Grote

via WJW

BOULDER COUNTY, Colo. -- (WJW) -- The 15-year-old who is accused off fatally stabbing a young woman in the Colorado city of Longmont had a kill list, according to the Boulder County District Attorney’s Office.

Police said the teen used a hunting knife to kill Makayla Grote, a 2016 Green Mountain High School graduate, late Saturday night and was a mile away from the third person on his list when police arrested him early Sunday morning, according to KDVR.

The details about the kill list were revealed in a Boulder County courtroom on Monday. Police say they found the list while searching his bedroom.

The very first name on that list was actually that of Makayla Grote's sister, the prosecution said, but notes found in his room also said that anyone in the home would be fair game.

According to the affidavit, the suspect had knocked on the victim's door at 11 a.m. on Saturday asking for a jump for his car.

He then returned. Makayla answered the door and that's when police say the 15-year-old stabbed her. The prosecution says the suspect chased Makayla's sister through the apartment, but she managed to escape by locking herself in a bedroom.

Police also revealed that the suspect was known to them – he had previously been arrested for assaulting his grandfather on one occasion. Another time, his mother also called police on him and responding officers found Molotov cocktails at the home, according to KDVR.

Makayla's father told KDVR his daughter was a special girl to a lot of people. She was well known in the racing community in Colorado and was an aspiring NASCAR driver.

A statement issued Monday by Colorado National Speedway addressed Grote's death, calling her one of the racing family's "brightest stars."

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