In Brooklyn, New York, a father is gunned down outside his home with his wife and baby girl just inside the door.

The investigation takes a sudden turn when investigators realize he was shot with his own gun, one he wasn't even carrying that day.

When Brooklyn divorcee Omar Murray met the girl next door, he took a second chance at love. Omar Murray fell hard for Alishia Noel.

But two years later the sacred bond to love and to cherish till death do part would be broken in an unholy hail of bullets. Omar died in what appeared to New York Police homicide detectives initially believed was a botched home invasion.

Despite her heartbreak, Omar's mom Eunice Henry opened her home and her heart to Crime Watch Daily. Omar thought he had found a good life with Alishia. But his mom was worried about their whirlwind romance.

"When I found out that they were engaged, I really wasn't too pleased about it," said Eunice.

Eunice was concerned her son was rushing, with blinders on, into another marriage.

"He really liked this girl, so I didn't even try to tell him 'Just wait a while and see where it goes.' No. Because he was happy and you know, I want my children to be happy," Eunice tells Crime Watch Daily.

But the opulent wedding festivities had cooled her misgivings about her new daughter-in-law.

"I thought it was the right person for him," said Eunice. "She was kind of quiet. A little controlling, a little bossy."

Then baby daughter Omaya was born.

"It was his life," said Eunice.

It seemed marriage the second time around was the charm. Omar Murray's family says the well-paid iron worker lavished his new bride, a home health aide, with whatever she desired.

But Omar's happy life with his new baby and wife came to a sudden and violent end. On the freezing day of February 24, 2013, he returned home from the grocery store when out of nowhere in broad daylight he was ambushed in the foyer of his Brooklyn building. Omar was shot three times in the chest.

"Alishia told me that that morning Omar was running errands and she was inside of her home taking care of her daughter, and as she's pacing back and forth with her daughter, she looks out the window and sees Omar pull up to the house and exit his vehicle with groceries, she sees him walking towards the front door, and two seconds later she hears gunshots," said NYPD Det. David Centeno.

Then she hears Omar scream.

"She says she hears Omar saying 'Mama, mama, mama,'" said Centeno. "She calls 911."

"Yes. I heard something in my house and I'm scared," Alishia says on the recorded 911 call. "Someone's in the house and I heard like loud popping noise. I'm here alone and I have the baby. I'm in the room with the baby. Gunshots went off I think in the house. I heard popping noises like gunshots."

Emergency personnel respond and take Omar to a hospital, where he dies. NYPD Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce assigns homicide detective David Centeno to the case.

"I thought it might have been a home-invasion robbery," said Det. Centeno.

Centeno quickly catches a break. A street surveillance camera captures a mysterious black car crawling up to Omar's residence. The passenger gets out and walks into the building. Centeno suspects that it might be his guy.

"It gives you chills down your spine because as Omar is leaving his residence there is a black vehicle. And the black vehicle pulls over across the street," said Det. Centeno.

New Yorker Omar Murray is gunned down in what appears to be a botched home invasion. But as police would soon learn, the killer was after some money -- but not the money in his house.

This picture perfect happy couple, with a brand new baby is shattered by three bullets on a cold winter day. Omar Murray was gunned down in broad daylight just as he gets back to his Brooklyn home from the corner store.

But as detectives dig deeper, they discover cracks in the marriage that make them suspicious. Turns out the couple was deep in debt.

"From my understanding she was buying expensive bags, going on trips, and with all that money her house was still in the process of foreclosure proceedings," said Det. Centeno.

That big lifestyle was carrying a freight load of IOUs, car payments, a $575,000 mortgage and shopping sprees. The lavish spending was costing them their marriage. Cops claim Alishia even stole $100,000 from her own mother.

Then detectives uncover another shocking secret: Alishia is having torrid fling with a Rite Aid drugstore worker Dameon Lovell.

"Alishia and Dameon informed me that they would have sexual encounters in the home on the second floor while Omar was upstairs taking care of the daughter," said Centeno.

But it's early in the investigation and cops tread carefully. Before jumping to conclusions, they look at the evidence, starting with three security cameras inside Omar's and Alishia's home. They got nothing -- all the cameras were disconnected. Centeno says he found that suspicious.

But there's more: Never-before-released street surveillance video shows Alishia's secret lover Dameon Lovell. Cops say he was on his way to pick up the murder weapon.

Alishia's defense attorney Wynton Sharpe says she may be guilty of bad behavior, but Alishia is not the mastermind behind a plot to have her husband killed.

"She makes a fatal mistake. She decides to have sex with this guy, and yes, she did decide to have it in her house. That however does not equal murder," Wynton Sharpe tells Crime Watch Daily. "Unfortunately for my client, as soon as anyone hears that, it creates an emotional 'Oh my God, I can't believe she did that.' Everyone takes a position. 'She is a horrible person,' you know, 'How could she do that?'"

But detectives tell Crime Watch Daily this isn't the only time Alishia tried to kill her husband.

"Alishia thought Omar was cheating on 'em," said Det. Centeno. "She attempted to poison him. She was poisoning his food."

"They didn't charge it, they just threw it out there, as they did many things," said Wynton Sharpe. "There was an accident and he went to the hospital. The specialist who they brought in said there was no evidence of any poison. So all they did was they put in the jury's mind that 'Oh, on a first occasion, he tried to poison her.'"

Police say Alishia gave her lover-in-crime $3,500 and Omar's own gun to hire triggerman Kirk Portious, a Crips gang member. In never-before-released surveillance video, a car drives up at 12:43, and cops claim Kirk Portious gets out on the passenger side. He walks into the entrance of Omar's building. Omar pulls up at 12:56 and walks in. Shortly after that you can see Portious hurry out in the other direction.

Alishia's attorney doesn't dispute the video, but he insists Alishia is not the mastermind behind the murder.

"The person who murdered Omar in his home never met my client, never met him. The only person who had contact and planned this over weeks is Dameon Lovell," said Wynton Sharpe. "He gets the lifestyle. He used my client as a scapegoat."

So why would Alishia want her new husband, the father of her baby, dead? Cops say there may be 900,000 reasons: Three insurance policies totaling $900,000. And Omar's brother says Alishia was going to get it all.

At her son's grave site Omar's mom accuses Alishia of pretending to hide behind a mask of mourning.

"I said to her at the funeral, I said 'You killed my son because of greed,'" said Omar's mother Eunice.

Was Alishia the weeping widow or the dry-eyed mastermind behind a murder-for-hire plot to kill her husband?

"I said, 'Any idiot will know that this is an inside job," said Eunice.

Despite her defense, Alishia is now on the top of the list of suspects. Insurance companies refuse to shell out a dime. Cops haul in Dameon Lovell for questioning. He rats his lover out in return for a prison sentence of 15 years to life. Cops say it was the evidence and the other man who claimed he loved her.

"It was the cooperation of Mr. Lovell and at the time of the murder, the cellphone records that showed Alishia and Dameon in constant contact with each other," said Centeno.

Triggerman Kirk Portious is sentenced to life in prison. And the wife cops call the murderous mastermind is stopped in her high-heeled tracks and charged with first-degree murder.

It took the jury just three hours to convict the femme fatale, and the judge showed no mercy. Instead of pearls and Champagne for Alishia, it'll be handcuffs and stale sandwiches as she rots behind bars for the rest of her life.

Alishia Noel-Murray continues to maintain her innocence and her attorney says she plans to appeal her conviction.