Man said he tried to put dog down because he couldn't afford its medical needs
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SAHUARITA, Ariz. -- (KOLD) -- A 70-year-old Sahuarita man is facing animal cruelty charges after telling Sahuarita police that he put the dog "down" because he could not afford medical care for the animal.

According to a Sahuarita Police Department news release, Brian Daniel beat his 10-year-old pug with a club and then choked it, trying to kill it because it was sick and had not eaten in two weeks. He then put the dog in an empty bag.

Officers later found the bag and discovered the dog was still alive. Once out of the bag, the dog, emaciated, staggered toward a back yard wall of the residence, according to the SPD release.

Sahuarita's Animal Care Officer responded to the scene and took custody of the dog. SPD also removed a second dog from the home, this one appeared healthy and well cared for.

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