Woman charged with assault after reportedly squeezing officer's testicles during arrest
Oklahoma County Jail/WVAH
Jane Sanga Lee, 25, was arrested Sept. 9 on complaints of assault and battery on a police officer and driving under the influence.

By Austin Pricket, WVAH

OKLAHOMA CITY -- (WVAH) -- A woman has been charged with assault after court records show she squeezed an officer's testicles during a driving under the influence arrest.

Jane Sanga Lee, 25, was charged Oct. 11 in Oklahoma County court with assault and battery upon a police officer, driving while under the influence and driving while privilege revoked.

Police reports show that at approximately 5:45 p.m. Sept. 9 an officer driving on SW 22nd Street observed a vehicle matching the description of a possible drunk driver. When the driver of the vehicle observed the officer she slammed on her brakes and locked up the tires on the vehicle.

The officer then turned on the emergency lights on the vehicle and began pursuing the woman. Speeds reached over 75 MPH as the officer pursued the vehicle eastbound. The vehicle then ran a stop sign at SW 22 and Western and continued eastbound before turning onto a gravel road. The officer then observed the vehicle slide off the road and crash into a rock.

The officer got out of the vehicle and drew his firearm and observed the female driver throw a Modelo beer can out the window. The driver then put the vehicle into reverse and backed it away from the rock. The woman then attempted to drive the vehicle away and yelled something at the officer.

Several officers then arrived on scene and demanded the woman to get out of the vehicle. She then got out of the vehicle without putting the car into park. The woman then allegedly raised her fists aggressively toward an officer. A different officer then took Lee to the ground.

While the officers were attempting to take Lee into custody she reportedly grabbed one of their testicles and began squeezing them in an aggressive manner.

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