UPDATE Oct. 10, 2017: New charges have been filed against the man who was arrested in Colorado and is now considered a “person of interest” in the murders of two Delphi teenagers, Fox59 WXIN-TV reports.

Additional charges of trespassing and assault were filed against Daniel Nations, 31, on October 7 stemming from an incident in which Nations allegedly tried to get in someone's car and committed assault. The arrest affidavit is sealed, so it's unclear when the crime occurred, WXIN reports.

The new charges are in addition to the charges of possession of a weapon by a previous offender and felony menacing and reckless endangerment charges he already faces. Nations was arrested Monday, September 25 in Colorado.

October 4, 2017:

All new details on the arrest of a man who is now being called a person of interest in the deaths of Delphi, Indiana teens Abby Williams and Libby German.

Is he the elusive killer of Abigail Williams and Libby German, the two teenage girls murdered in a case that drew national attention? Daniel Nations' resemblance to a police sketch in the case is uncanny.

Crime Watch Daily is uncovering new information about Daniel Nations from his own grandmother and getting reaction to his arrest from the family so desperate for justice.

Nations is now in custody in a Colorado jail, approximately 1,100 miles away from where Abby and Libby were killed. He's accused of menacing people with a hatchet on a popular trail outside Woodland Park.

"I forwarded it to our investigations division, who then reached out to Indiana and gave them the information," said El Paso County Sheriff's Spokeswoman Jacqueline Kirby.

Besides what happened to the Indiana girls, investigators want to know: Is Daniel Nations connected to the murder of an innocent bicyclist just out for a ride on the trail in Colorado?

The two murders in Delphi is a story Crime Watch Daily has been following since day one. Libby's heartbroken grandparents, Mike and Becky Patty just spoke this week to us.

Alexis McAdams from our partner station Fox59 WXIN-TV in Indianapolis interviewed them.

"Every morning I wake up, I come down the hallway and say 'Good morning Libby,' because there's a picture right there," said Mike Patty. "And then every day when I drive to work I go right past where it happened, and I say good morning again."

It happened just beyond the Monon High Bridge, an old abandoned railroad track turned into a hiking trail in Delphi. After the girls were murdered, Crime Watch Daily joined investigators in the massive manhunt for the killer, in the air and on the ground.

Libby shot the last picture of Abby alive on her cellphone walking across the bridge.

A photo Libby took of Abby on the bridge is the last image of her alive.

"It's heartbreaking, because these young ladies obviously felt safe to be out here doing nothing wrong, but enjoying a beautiful day," said Indiana State Police Sgt. Tony Slocum.

Moments later, Libby incredibly photographed a man on the hiking trail, and recorded what cops believe is his voice.

Click here to listen to the audio clip: Delphi_male_voice_loop

Investigators say they think it was recorded only moments before Libby and Abby were attacked. Their bodies were callously dumped by a nearby creek.

"We believe Liberty German is a hero to have enough presence of mind to feel like she might be in danger, and to activate the video feature on her phone and possibly give us evidence that might actually solve her murder and the murder of her friend," said Sgt. Slocum.

Indiana State Police believe a man who, incredibly, Liberty filmed on the railroad tracks before her death, is the prime suspect.

Investigators say a witness claims he saw a suspicious-looking man on the trail the same day Abby and Libby were killed. Police produced a composite sketch of the man they believe murdered the girls. The witness was so close he reportedly says he could even see the color of the suspect's eyes.

"It shows a little more facial features, gives you a little more information on what we're looking at, who the suspect might be, and that why we feel it's very important that this picture is out there," said Indiana State Police Sgt. Kim Riley.

Daniel Nations at left; composite sketch of Delphi suspect at right.

"I don't want to downplay it as just another person, but it is another tip and lead, and I've learned through this whole thing that I have to rely on facts and data," said Mike Patty, Libby German's grandfather.

Patty says Nations' arrest is just one lead of some 26,000 he's gotten. He set up a virtual command center in his garage, with colored pins tracking the tips he receives, and also requests for "wanted" flyers.

"We want to make this guy's world as small as possible," Mike Patty said. "You can see we've sent out a lot of them, all the way from East Coast to West Coast, even up into Canada. We send out 100, 150 a week."

Cops arrested Daniel Nations at a bank in Woodland Park, Colo. His car fit the description of the vehicle the hatchet-wielding suspect was driving. He was reportedly spotted at a pawn shop earlier with his wife and two kids.

"So our charges would be as it relates to the link between the menacing complaints that we've had and the evidence that was found in his vehicle," said El Paso County Sheriff's Spokeswoman Jacqueline Kirby.

Inside the car cops reportedly found a hatchet and a .22-caliber rifle, the same caliber as the gun that killed cyclist Timothy Watkins. Watkins went missing after biking on the trail. A hiker found his partially buried body three days later.

Daniel Nations is a person of interest in Watkins' killing. Nations was being held on $12,000 bond, charged with unlawfully carrying a weapon, menacing with a weapon and reckless endangerment.

"Until he's found to have enough evidence to charge him and arrest him for murder, I don't want to see anybody convicted unless it is rightfully so or justly done," said Libby German's grandfather Mike Patty.

Daniel Nations is a father of two children. He's got a slew of mugshots to go with his long rap sheet. He's been convicted of felony domestic battery, and he's a registered sex offender in both Indiana and South Carolina after a misdemeanor conviction for public indecency. He was fondling himself.

Crime Watch Daily went to Chesnee, South Carolina, where Nations is from, and found his grandmother Frona Hamm.

When was the last time she saw him?

"Five years and a half ago," said Hamm. "He lived over there in the trailer. Him and his wife, he called me one day, he said 'We're gonna move to Florida.' I said 'Good, fine.' He never sent me a Christmas card, I never heard from him. I told Detective Colby and Detective Colby told me they had him jail for doing this and doing that."

And what about the arrest that landed him on the sex-offenders list?

"He was going to Walmart to get some razor blades to shave, 'cause they was going to church, and him and some woman got into it, and he pulled his pants down in front of that woman," said Frona Hamm.

Indiana State Police traveled to Colorado. They say they cannot include or exclude Daniel Nations as a suspect in the deaths of Abby Williams and Libby German.

And back in Delphi, at Libby's grandparents' home, there's a cross with Christmas lights and a pumpkin patch planted in her memory in the front yard, a sweet memory of a little girl who left us all too soon.

"They took out a very important link of our family. Our family is never going to be whole. We'll patch, and we'll go on," said Libby's grandmother Becky Patty. "But it'll never be whole again."

A horrible crime that tore a hole in the hearts of two families, a hole that will never heal.

"The most important thing is to get this guy caught," said Mike Patty. "They were taken way too early out of this world."

Anyone with information is urged to call the tip line at (844) 459-5786. Callers may remain anonymous.
Contact the Carroll County, Indiana Sheriff's Office at (765) 564-2413, or Abbyandlibbytip@cacoshrf.com
Contact Indiana State Police at (800) 382-7537.