Police: Pantless woman blames vampires for destroying hotel room
Lisa Stout

via WANE

HENRY COUNTY, Ind. -- (WANE) -- A woman who claimed vampires broke in and destroyed her hotel room faces a number of charges.

According to court documents, Lisa Stout was taken into custody just after 9:30 p.m. on Sept. 10 after Henry County Sheriff deputies responded to a disturbance at the Raintree Inn.

After arriving on scene, the clerk working the front desk told deputies Stout wandered into the bar area of the hotel without wearing pants and demanded a Coke. Stout then began spitting when the clerk asked her to leave. Documents show that Stout then proceeded to tell the clerk that she had several guns and threatened to kill her.

Stout, who had checked in on Saturday and paid for two nights, was supposed to have checked out on Monday, documents state.

At that time, deputies went to the room Stout was staying in and attempted to make contact with her. However, Stout refused to open the door, instead standing behind it. When Stout refused to comply with the deputies’ orders, deputies entered the room using the key supplied by the clerk.

Once inside the room, deputies spotted a table turned over, two damaged lamps, a telephone with its cord cut, a television on the floor with the cable broke off of it and an alcohol bottle in the bathroom. When asked how the room came to be in such a state, Stout responded that vampires had broken in and destroyed her room, that she wasn’t responsible for any of the damage.

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