Prosecution argues against tossing out Ohio mom's confession
Brittany Pilkington

via WJW

BELLEFONTAINE, Ohio -- (WJW) -- Prosecutors say defense experts’ opinions about the credibility of an Ohio woman accused of suffocating her three sons shouldn’t be allowed as evidence in the murder case.

Brittany Pilkington’s attorneys argue her videotaped confession should be tossed out because two psychologists concluded brain damage and mental illness impaired the Bellefontaine woman’s ability to understand a police interrogation and knowingly waive her rights.

The Bellefontaine Examiner reports the prosecution filed a brief this week arguing the psychologists don’t have the expertise to assess the credibility of Pilkington’s statement. The prosecution argues that Pilkington’s statement should not be thrown out.

Authorities allege Pilkington killed her toddler and two infants in 2014 and 2015 out of jealousy over her husband’s attention.

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