D.A. hopes to revoke Tex McIver's bond over gun found in sock drawer

By Natalie Rubino, WGCL

ATLANTA -- (WGCL) -- Tex McIver, accused of accidentally shooting his wife in the back, killing her, will have to stay in Atlanta until a hearing to determine whether his bond will be revoked can be completed.

The DA's office filed a motion to revoke McIver's bond over the fact that the DA's office found a gun they said was concealed in a sock drawer in his Buckhead condo during a search on Friday, April 14.

That gun violates a condition of McIver's bond, which says that he cannot possess a firearm. The hearing began around 4 p.m. Friday and the judge chose to continue it until next week after it lasted about two hours.

Until the hearing completes, McIver will not be able to travel to the ranch he and his wife owned in Putnam County, nor will he be able to contact the sheriff there.

During the hearing, the District Attorney's office filed another motion to remove Tex McIver as the executor of his wife's estate, a motion to which McIver visibly reacted.

Wife shot during drive through Atlanta

McIver is accused of shooting and killing his wife Diane last September, while the two were driving back from their Putnam County farmhouse.

According to police, Diane McIver was shot while sitting in the passenger seat of her Ford Expedition the evening of Sept. 25. Her husband, attorney Tex McIver, was sitting directly behind her in the backseat.

Diane McIver's best friend of 30 years, whom he only identified as "Dani Jo," was driving.

The three took a detour off I-85 downtown and got off at the Edgewood Avenue exit. Tex, who was sleeping in the back, asked for his gun because he didn't think it was a safe area.

After falling back to sleep in the backseat, he woke up to the sound of a gunshot and realized he had pulled the trigger. After Diane McIver was shot, she was driven to Emory Hospital in DeKalb County, where she died.

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