2 girlfriends, 2 deaths, 1 house, many questions
Mary Fatigato, the first of two of Nick Caiafa's girlfriends to die in his house

via WGN:

SCHILLER PARK, Ill. -- (WGN) -- Politics can be a rough-and-tumble business at the highest level or as small as a local village. So we weren’t surprised when WGN Investigates received tips about the mayoral candidates in Schiller Park. A skeleton or two was bound to come out during a nasty campaign. What we didn’t expect to find was a police department choosing sides and a slipshod investigation into the deaths of not one, but two girlfriends of one candidate.

The first girlfriend, Mary Fatigato, was called a spitfire with a great personality by her sister. Sheree Clark also acknowledged her sister had a dark side too.

“She was trying to get clean and sober to go through the rest of her life, but was having a hard time, clearly now, living through her son’s death,” Clark said.

Mary’s three-year-old son died trapped in the rung of his crib. When Schiller Park Police found Mary hanging nearly 17 years ago, only the timing was a surprise. Mary had tried suicide before.

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