APD: Warrants issued for Tex McIver in death of wife
Diane and Tex McIver

By Briana Belser, WGCL

ATLANTA -- (WGCL) -- Atlanta Police Department confirms Wednesday that warrants have been issued for Tex McIver after the death of his wife.

McIver, an Atlanta-area attorney, is charged with involuntary manslaughter and reckless conduct Atlanta lawyer is accused of shooting his wife, Diane McIver, on their drive home back in September.

Prosecutor says McIver's reason for "handling a weapon in a manner that would endanger the safety of Diane" was unjustified.

McIver originally said he pulled out his gun because he did not feel safe in the neighborhood they were driving in.

He is expected to turn himself in today.

In a statement released to CBS46 the manager of Diane McIver's estate said she doesn't think Tex McIver needed to be charged today.

"Tomorrow is his birthday. Tex changed all of his Christmas plans knowing this was coming," Tammy Johnson said.

Diane McIver killed riding in car with husband and friend

The couple was on their way back from their Putnam County farm in September, a friend, only referred to as "Dani Jo" was driving.

The three took a detour off I-85 downtown and got off at the Edgewood Road exit. Tex, who was sleeping in the back, asked for his gun because he didn't think it was a safe area.

After falling back to sleep in the backseat, he woke up to the sound of a gunshot and realized he who pulled the trigger.

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