Courthouse dog comforts young victims, witnesses

via KDVR:

ARAPAHOE COUNTY, Colo. -- (KDVR) -- Arapahoe County's courthouse dog brings comfort to victims and witnesses going through tough times.

Pella is a lab and golden retriever mix. She started working for Arapahoe County in 2012. At the time, she was the only dog of her kind in the state.

Her handler Amber Urban said Pella fulfills a unique role. When victims have to recount terrible events with investigators, Pella is there for them to pet and hold. When victims testify on the witness stand, Pella sits at their feet.

Urban said she's seen numerous times where people have been distraught or upset and one interaction with Pella clams them down. Just recently, Urban said Pella worked her magic with one young victim.

"She was almost hyperventilating and panicking. She was shaking. I said 'sit down, take off your shoes, put your feet on Pella. You're going to be fine. Take a breath,' and she did a great job."

Urban said Pella's impact on people is backed up by science.

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