A crime story that became an addiction for millions of people: Adnan Syed, convicted of murder, his case analyzed piece by piece on the wildly popular podcast "Serial."

Crime Watch Daily has new details on Syed's fight for freedom.

Before "Making a Murderer" became a TV phenomenon, it was the podcast "Serial" that earned that title, drawing similar outrage for a convicted killer many people believed was wrongly convicted.

Adnan Syed is in prison for the murder of his ex-girlfriend, Hae Min Lee.

Today, two of Syed's best friends pick apart the investigation that put him behind bars.

Adnan Syed remains in prison, convicted of killing his ex girlfriend.

But Asia McClain Chapman says she would be his alibi because she was next to him when the murder occurred. She responds to critics who say she's lying.

Crime Watch Daily will follow this case as it progresses through the courts.

From WBFF-TV Baltimore:

In June 2016, Judge Martin Welch overturned Syed's conviction. He granted Syed a new trial. Welch said Syed’s defense attorney, Christine Gutierrez, did not adequately defend Syed against cellphone evidence used to convict him.

Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh submitted his appeal of Welch’s decision Monday, to Maryland’s second highest court, the Court of Special Appeals:

“Gutierrez’s dogged preparation and array of attacks produced a blueprint for cross-examination of cellphone evidence that continues to be followed today.”

The AG wants Syed’s conviction reinstated and his new trial cancelled. Syed’s lawyers have until March 29 to file a response. Oral arguments are scheduled for the court’s June 2017 session.