UPDATE Jan. 25, 2017: Skeletal remains found in Robertson County have been positively identified as Shadow McClaine, according to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation

Some thought Shadow McClaine was running away from her problems. But it now appears she was the victim of something sinister.

Shadow McClaine was a soldier. But her latest battles were all on the home front. She disappeared under mysterious circumstances after a bitter divorce, alleged infidelity, stalking and deadly threats.

Crime Watch Daily first brought Shadow's story to the national spotlight in October.

Now, a bombshell development in the case.

The missing soldier may have been the victim of someone at her own home base, and investigators are pointing the finger straight at her ex-husband.

Army Private First Class Shadow McClaine trained and served as a field air traffic controller, and deployed to the front lines in Afghanistan and South Korea.

But her mom London says Shadow's real battles began when she met another soldier: Jamal Williams-McCray. Shadow's mom tells our Andrea Isom they had a tumultuous relationship, a worse marriage and an absolute nightmare of a divorce. Friends say someone tried to take Shadow out after her car's brake lines were cut in a barracks parking lot.

Three months later, Shadow agreed to house-sit for her friend over the long Labor Day weekend. But she never showed up. Eleven days later, Shadow's car is discovered under a stack of parking tickets, abandoned in a parking lot in Nashville, Tennessee.

Shadow McClaine has still not been found, but there is a brand new development since we first brought you the story. Her ex-husband Jamal Williams-McCray, and another soldier, Specialist Charles Robinson, have just been arrested and charged with Shadow's murder. The pair is also facing conspiracy and kidnapping charges. Investigators believe the murder was premeditated. Neither McCray or Robinson has entered a plea.

Still, the question remains: Where is Shadow McClaine?