Justin Ross Harris speaks in court

By Vince Sims, WGCL

BRUNSWICK, Ga. -- (WGCL) -- Judge Mary Staley Clark said she wanted to hear how Justin Ross Harris felt about a juror the attorneys were arguing over.

"Yes your honor. I do not want this juror struck," Justin Ross Harris said.

Harris wants to keep the juror; however she is part of a Facebook group in support of the son he is accused of killing, Cooper Harris. The juror claims she left the group, but her name is still active on the page.

"Are you aware your account is still active on that page?" prosecutor Chuck Boring asked the juror.

"No. I thought I left it. I left the group that morning," the juror answered.

She also made very strong comments about this case.

"You commented, 'I don't support the death penalty but I hope he gets as much time as they can give him,'" Boring read off her post.

Despite her posted comments two years ago, defense attorney Maddox Kilgore believes her opinions have changed and still wants her for the jury.

"When we talked to you last week you didn't give us any indication that you had opinions as strong as what we reading here as your opinions were in September 2014. Are those your opinions now," Kilgore asked her.

"No sir," she answered.

Kilgore feels the juror was very honest about her feelings.

The judge agreed with the defense and Harris. That juror was held and will have to return October 3. Then they will select the final 12 and alternates.

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