Brazen, terrifying armed robbery caught on video
KTXL - "Her husband wonders if he’s the one who should be armed. It’s something he never felt he had to consider."

via KTXL:

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- (KTXL) -- A frightening armed robbery was caught on camera. The video shows a brazen and terrifying encounter in a woman's own driveway. Her family fears this is part of a larger pattern of crimes targeting the Asian-American community in Sacramento.

Out of fear for their safety, the woman and her husband asked FOX40 not to share their identities, but out of concern for others, they insisted we share their story.

Approached by a stranger and held at gunpoint just steps from her front door, a South Sacramento woman gave up her purse but was lucky to escape with her life.

It happened Sept. 7 at about 8:30 p.m., just after the woman pulled into her driveway. As she walks to the passenger side of her car, a man approaches from the left. He walks up, pretends to be looking for a restaurant, pulls out a gun and grabs her arm.

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