UPDATE October 11, 2018:

Mary Beth Haglin, 26 of Cedar Rapids, the former Cedar Rapids substitute teacher who had sex with a student, has started her sentence, KCRG reports.

Haglin was convicted of sexual exploitation by a school employee in December of last year. A judge sentenced her to 90 days in jail to be served in three different increments. The first part of that sentence will be 40 days. Haglin also has to spend 10 years on the sex offender registry. And will be on a special sentence of parole for a decade.

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UPDATE Feb. 17, 2017:

Mary Beth Haglin was sentenced Friday to 360 days in jail, with all but 90 days suspended, followed by probation for two years and 10 years on the sex-offender registry, KWWL-TV reports.

UPDATE Sept. 15, 2016:

Iowa's The Gazette newspaper reports that a judge issued an arrest warrant Thursday for Mary Beth Haglin. Sixth Judicial Associate District Judge Angie Wilson issued the arrest warrant and set a $6,500 bail for Haglin, The Gazette reports.

Haglin violated the conditions of her pre-trial release, according to Assistant Linn County Attorney Heidi Carmer, The Gazette reports. Carmer said she was made aware of an interview Haglin gave to Crime Watch Daily with Chris Hansen. That content can be viewed below.

September 14, 2016:

It's a headline-making national epidemic: Teachers busted for having sex with their students.

Most of the time these suspects do their best to crawl into a hole after they're arrested. That is not the case when it comes to MaryBeth Haglin. Jason Mattera confronts the outspoken teacher on her forbidden love.

Cedar Rapids, Iowa, a small town with a population barely big enough to fill the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, is now at the center of a salacious sex scandal. MaryBeth Haglin, a beautiful substitute teacher at a high school in town, admits to hooking up with one of the students and having sex with him more than 100 times. Now she's telling her side of the story to Crime Watch Daily.

Haglin, 24, graduated college with a degree in English and Spanish and was awarded the prestigious Fulbright Scholarship. After graduating, she became a substitute teacher. Then she got herself into a taboo relationship with a 17-year-old high school student.

Haglin sent sexy selfies to her underage lover. But the romance began to unravel when, Haglin says, he betrayed her and shared the racy snaps with his friends.

The provocative photos spread like wildfire, and their secret relationship was exposed. Haglin says the kids at school were relentless.

The dangerous liaison was spiraling out of control. Haglin claims she wanted to end it, but was terrified that her young lover would retaliate and tell the school principal.

Eventually, word about her extracurricular activities got back to school administrators. But she says they ignored the rumors and so she continued to carry on her relationship with the high school boy.

But with her photos flooding social media, the school finally took action.

MaryBeth Haglin was fired from her job but continued to substitute-teach in other school districts. Allegedly because of a miscommunication, she was not removed from the available-teachers list.

The pretty teacher and the 17-year-old student secretly sizzled for nine months. Their main rendezvous spot was the teenager's car at a local park.

But the illicit relationship comes to a grinding halt when the 24-year-old teacher is busted.

After her teen lover's mother goes to police and files a report, Haglin turns herself in.

"I don't ever want to see him again," Haglin told Crime Watch Daily.

MaryBeth Haglin, charged with sexual exploitation by a school employee, pleaded not guilty. If convicted, she could face up to two years in prison and spend the next 10 on the sex-offender registry.

After Haglin was fired from her teaching job, she worked as a server at a local pizza joint and at a clothing store, but those gigs didn't last long.

Crime Watch Daily found her working as an exotic dancer at Woody's, a strip joint along a lonely highway just a few miles from the school where she used to teach.

Crime Watch Daily shot video just a few days after she told us she never wanted to see her forbidden lover again.

Haglin is under a court order not to have any contact with the student, or she goes back to jail. But Crime Watch Daily witnessed that student go into Woody's.

Under fluorescent lights in the darkened club, MaryBeth Haglin and her former student were locked in a deep conversation that lasted for about 30 minutes. Then the newly legal 18-year-old abruptly leaves.

Crime Watch Daily confronts Haglin outside the club later.

The Cedar Rapids School District released a statement Wednesday:

"The Cedar Rapids Community School District has concluded its investigation into the events related to Mary Beth Haglin's inappropriate relationship with a student during the spring 2016 semester at Washington High School. Under Iowa's public records laws, the District is required to keep its investigation, and certain student information and personnel information confidential. However, the District can summarize and state as follows:

"The District conducted numerous interviews and reviewed notes, electronic mail, and other documents as part of its investigation. Regarding the February, 2016 investigation, one administrator has announced to the media that he chose to believe the wrong people. However, the February 2016 investigation at Washington High School was not an effective investigation consistent with the training administrators take over the course of their careers with the District through Grant Wood AEA or the training the District's legal counsel provided for administrators in September 2015. Furthermore, the administrators who investigated in February 2016, did not make any inquiries about the type of investigation to conduct nor reported their investigation to any leader at the District's offices at the time it was occurring.

"Effective investigation techniques consistent with the training administrators take through Grant Wood AEA or provided by the District's legal counsel in September 2015 were not followed again in April 2016.

"Finally, typical and customary practices and procedures to remove a substitute teacher, not only from a building, but from the District's substitute teacher list with Grant Wood AEA were not followed in May 2016.

"The evidence during the investigation led the District to take appropriate personnel actions upon the review and advice of both general District legal counsel and appointed legal counsel. These personnel actions also respected the desire for continued confidentiality for the student and his family and the students and staff directly impacted by the investigation. These personnel actions also balanced the desire for closure for the Washington High School community of students, parents, and staff members since the 2016-2017 school year was imminent and the many years of service provided by the separating employees.

"As a result of these findings, the District identified and announced areas of improvement at its August 8, 2016 Board of Education meeting."

March 7, 2017: