Daughter convicted in family bank heists arrested for robbery
Abigail Catt, 2012 and 2016

LAREDO, Texas -- (CWD) --

A Texas woman who made headlines for being convicted as a teen of robbing banks with her father and her brother in 2012 has been arrested at the scene of an armed robbery at a gas station last week.

Abigail Catt was arrested in Laredo, Texas on August 5 in the parking lot of a gas station convenience mart.

Laredo Police said Catt was sitting inside a vehicle when officers arrived at the scene after police were called to the location for a report of an armed robbery at 1002 Santa Maria Ave.

A man was found inside the store armed with a handgun. The suspect, identified as Ricardo Gonzalez, was arrested and charged with two counts of aggravated robbery. Gonzalez was also served with an outstanding warrant for theft and unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon.

Officers found that Abigail Nicole Catt had a parole violation warrant for aggravated robbery and she was arrested.

A .380 handgun was found inside the store, according to Laredo Police.

The Laredo Morning Times reported a store employee told police a man and a woman had approached a person who was pumping gas and demanded money.

Abby Catt was 18 in August 2012 when her father Scott and her 20-year-old brother Hayden went into a Katy, Texas bank wearing masks and brandishing pellet guns. Abby waited outside in the getaway car, according to ABC News.

After a second bank robbery in October that year, the trio had ripped off $108,000. By November, all three were arrested.

Scott Catt was sentenced to 24 years, while Hayden Catt was sentenced to 10 years. Abby was sentenced to five years in county jail. She was released after serving two years and 10 months in October 2015 due to good behavior.


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