An update on an Oklahoma man who says he deserved the death penalty after killing his mother, father and sister.

Alan Hruby is a self-confessed shopaholic with expensive tastes. Now he is a confessed killer: Hruby admits he slaughtered his own family in cold blood.

Hruby, looking pale and malnourished, was led in shackles to court to plead guilty, never apologizing for the cruel killings.

What turned the former college student from serial shopper to mass murderer?

Prosecutors say after Hruby's parents cut him off financially, he snapped and killed them to inherit their money.

Hruby copped a plea deal: Plead guilty in exchange for three life sentences.

The deal was made at the request of his surviving family. Hruby's own grandfather asked the district attorney not to pursue the death penalty because of the lengthy trial and appeal process.