For nearly two months Shasta Groene lived in hell. She and her brother were kidnapped by a serial killer on the run in May 2005.

In a gripping new interview, Groene sits down to talk about those terrifying days with Crime Watch Daily's Melissa Moore, whose own father, known as the "Happy Face Killer," was convicted of mass murder.

Two kids, two months, trapped with a deranged monster by the name of Joseph Edward Duncan III.

Shasta Groene was 8 years old when she was kidnapped. During her two-month ordeal, she was tortured by Duncan.

Then in the middle of all this darkness, a guardian angel would appear at, of all places, a Denny's restaurant.

Licensed clinical psychologist and author Dr. Seth Meyers speaks with Matt Doran about the psychology of child trauma and Shasta Groene's recovery from her childhood kidnapping.