A St. Louis wife is stabbed 55 times in her own home. Her husband was arrested and convicted of the crime. He was released after a judge found him not guilty in a retrial.

A murder without a motive, a killer the prosecution said was so twisted that he hatched the ultimate role play with fantasy gamers: 55 stab wounds, the knife left in her neck.

Betsy Faria was already dying from breast cancer that spread to her liver before she was even stabbed.

Then Betsy's husband Russ Faria got his sentence: life in prison.

But this may not be the open and shut case that it seemed.

A brave and daring investigation by Crime Watch Daily affiliate KTVI - St. Louis that reopens a sensational case that seemed cut and dried after Russ Faria was convicted for the murder of Betsy Faria. KTFI Reporter Chris Hayes would examine nagging questions about the heinous crime and uncover new evidence police had overlooked.