Most dangerous neighborhoods in NYC
New York Police Department

Breaking down the most dangerous neighborhoods in New York City when it comes to total crimes per 1,000 residents:

Number 5: East side of Bedford-Stuyvesant

According to the New York Police Department, in the past year there have been four murders, 256 felony assaults and 54 vehicles stolen.

Number 4: East Harlem

With a total of 833 crimes, including three murders, 163 robberies and 270 felony assaults.

Number 3: Greenwich Village

Including the West Village and the Washington Square Park area. There haven't been any murders, but there have been more than 1,100 total crimes, including 826 incidents of theft.

Number 2: Hell's Kitchen

Hell's Kitchen saw 145 burglaries and more than 1,200 incidents of theft over the last year.

Number 1: Midtown

The area with the most tourists, Midtown, including Times Square, Bryant Park and the Empire State Building. In the past year alone there have been six murders, 155 robberies, 126 felony assaults and 220 burglaries.

For a closer look at crime in New York City neighborhoods and boroughs, visit the New York City Police Department Crime Map.

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