Bondsman, high on meth, shows up at jail to bail out client: Sheriff
Joshua Bradley

A bail bondsman was arrested in Bentonville, Arkansas, after allegedly entering the sheriff's office high on methamphetamine.

A Benton County Sheriff's jail clerk noticed Joshua Bradley, 29, was displaying signs of being under the influence of drugs as Bradley arrived to bond out a client, according to KFSM-TV.

  • Deputies subsequently searched Bradley's vehicle and found shotguns and another gun inside, Sheriff Kelley Cradduck said.

"He was warned before he came into the facility to give up any kind of contraband he might have," said Cradduck.

  • As Bradley was being booked, "They took off his socks and about a gram to a half a gram of methamphetamine fell out of his sock," said Cradduck.

  • Bradley faces charges of simultaneous possession of drugs and firearms and possession of a controlled substance, and misdemeanor charges of DWI drugs and public intoxication.

  • Bradley is a former sheriff's deputy in another Arkansas county. He was carrying a badge, which he should not have, according to Cradduck.

"I am grateful for the fact that we had a deputy and a clerk that noticed his actions were so strange that they confronted him and did not allow him to leave before he could hurt himself or someone else," Cradduck said.