Pittsburgh man allegedly murders ex-girlfriend for not naming baby after him
Associated Press
Cesar Mazza

Cesar Mazza is accused of killing his ex-girlfriend for not naming their newborn son after him, according to police.

Mazza, a 25-year-old Pittsburgh resident, was arraigned Wednesday on two counts of murder, accused of fatally stabbing the mother of his child and beating her grandmother to death.

Mazza was also charged with kidnapping his 11-week-old son. Mazza was ordered held without bail on Wedneswday.

  • Tionna Banks, 19, and her grandmother, 72-year-old Valorie Crumpton, were found dead at Crumpton's home on May 7.

"The dispute reportedly arose from Banks' unwillingness to name their unborn child after Mazza," according to the police complaint.

  • Mazza was charged in 2014 for threatening to kill Banks. Banks had a protection order against Mazza.

  • Mazza was later charged with allegedly punching Banks, stomping on her abdomen and dragging her down steps in November 2014.

  • Mazza failed to appear in court on May 6 for the assault charges. He was arrested in Newark, N.J., on May 15. Homicide charges were filed Tuesday.

  • Two witnesses told police they saw blood on Mazza and the baby on May 4. Mazza said Banks tried to stab him because he forgot to bring her cigarettes when he visited her to pick up the baby.

Banks named the baby "Vaughn," police said.

SOURCE: Associated Press