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Caught on camera: Texas cop saves toddler's life

They are two of the most harrowing minutes you will ever see.

Granbury, Texas patrol officer Chase Miller pulls into a parking lot to find a young mother holding her 3-year-old's apparently lifeless body in her arms.

In reality, the boy suffered a seizure before losing consciousness. Officer Miller quickly checks for a pulse. It's there, but the boy is not breathing.

But still, nothing. Officer Miller has the boy's father take over while he runs to his car to get a CPR mask. Then, after several more terrifying seconds, Miller is able to get the boy breathing again just as emergency medical technicians arrive. It took paramedics another 20 minutes to stabilize young Brayden Geis.

Now Brayden is doing great. The Granbury, Texas City Council has honored Officer Chase Miller with a Life Saving Award less than a week later. In an even happier twist, Officer Miller is now expecting a child of his own -- a boy.

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