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Predator-hunting vigilante exposes online creeps

In our investigative segment Hansen Vs. Predator, we embed ourselves with police officers as they bust perverts hunting for sex with underage victims.

But right now, all over the world there's a growing number of vigilante groups also preying on these so-called predators.

The masked man goes by the name "Incognito." He hides his identity, but has no issue exposing perverts trolling the internet for innocent children.

Incognito wants to reiterate he does not condone violence against any of the people his organization features in its videos.

What the group is hoping to do is raise awareness and ultimately change future laws to make penalties harsher for child sex predators.

While Incognito hopes his actions will change future laws, some people believe what he's doing is breaking them and they believe these groups should be shut down.

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