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This week on Crime Watch Daily: “Dan was at our house. I hugged Dan several times,” said Jessie Blodgett's father. “We were telling the police it wasn't him and he was a good guy.” But Jessie's parents were wrong. Daniel Bartelt bound Jessie as she slept, assaulted her, then strangled her, leaving her dead in her bed for her mother to find.
Advancing on a condo, Adrian Loya walks down a snowy street armed with four guns, a knife, two pairs of handcuffs, wearing a body-camera to record everything that's about to happen. He places a rifle in the snow banks near the house, then walks up to Lisa and Anna Trubnikova's front door.
A successful millionaire meets the blond beauty he had been looking for and they quickly build a dream life together -- until he was killed in a hail of gunfire. The former escort turned fairytale-marriage wife speaks out on the case from behind bars.
They were the picture of an all-American family: The loving husband and the doting wife raising two kids in a charming Southern California town. But behind closed doors, things weren't what they appeared.
It is a sad reality that right now there are hundreds of men and women searching the web looking for a young child they can prey upon. A sheriff's office in Georgia invited Crime Watch Daily along on a crackdown targeting alleged sex predators.
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