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This week on Crime Watch Daily: The topic of workplace harassment continues to make headlines. Crime Watch Daily has the story of an overly aggressive male boss, his frightened female employee and a wedding night that would end in murder. The horrific crimes against Alisha Bromfield spurred a law change in 32 states.
Deanna Cook's enraged ex-husband had no idea every second of his brutal attack was being recorded on her cellphone in a call to 911. The story of Cook's tragic Dallas death has sparked major changes in the way all emergencies are now handled in the state of Texas.
Police believe Marni Yang is the one who gunned down Rhoni Reuter, the pregnant girlfriend of former NFL star Shaun Gayle, but they just couldn't prove it. So investigators hatched an undercover operation to take place at, of all places, a Denny's.
From a drug store parking lot one night comes a frantic 911 call: A violent showdown between a husband and a lover vying for the attention of a blonde named Kandi. Cops arrive to find the woman hysterical and two men shot.
New Mexico police officer Ryan Holets responded to a call and encountered two people struggling with addictions to heroin. Holets, a father of 4, ended up adopting a drug-addicted stranger's baby into his own family.
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