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This week on Crime Watch Daily: Is Victoria Rickman a cold-blooded femme fatale who lured her lover into a death trap - or is she a terrified victim who shot him in self-defense? In an exclusive interview, Atlanta mom Victoria Rickman talked to Crime Watch Daily from behind bars after shooting and killing her ex-fiancé.
“We have six ex-wives, four hit-men hired to kill those wives, two unexplained very mysterious deaths, and in each of those situations he had life insurance policies totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars that he collected on these wives,” said a deputy district attorney describing Thomas Randolph's case.
Jenny Webb, 32, and her unborn son Braxton are dead. Investigators believe the father of that child, one of their own, Buena Vista Township Police Officer Ken Bluew murdered them and staged it to look like a suicide. “Jenny was our best witness.”
Texas single mom Nicole Leger Nicole had just been accepted to nursing school, and her future seemed bright -- but she was desperate to escape a violent past, living in fear while her ex-fiancé was out of jail. And sadly that fear would become a tragic reality.
The Mercer law school graduate who killed Lauren Giddings explained: “She saw me and said very calmly, 'Get the [----] out.' I leaped across the bed onto her and grabbed her around the throat.”
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