Passenger admits punching woman on flight over kids kicking back of airplane seat: Police
Multnomah County
Daydrena Jaslin Williams is charged with assault and harassment.

via KATU:

PORTLAND, Ore. (KATU) -- A woman is accused of punching another woman on a Spirit Airlines flight after arriving at Portland International Airport (PDX) on Sunday.

According to court documents, a woman and her two children, ages 3 and 7, landed at PDX on January 3. As the mom and kids were getting ready to exit the plane, the children had kicked the seat in front of them, court documents say.

The woman in front of them, Daydrena Walker-Williams, took down her carryon luggage from the overhead bin as she was about to exit the plane, then allegedly turned and hit the mom in the head.

According to court documents, Williams later admitted to hitting the woman with her fists multiple times. Williams told officers the mom had ignored her when she asked them to stop, which made her upset. Williams also told officers the woman hit her on the shoulder first.

Williams is charged with assault and harassment.

The Oregonian reports Walker-Williams punched the other passenger several times, leaving the woman with a bleeding lip and lumps on her head, a probable-cause affidavit states.

Walker-Williams admitted she hit the woman “2 to 3 times in the face with her fist,” according to the complaint. She told police “she was upset Ms. Hernandez’s children kicked the back of her seat, and stated she told Ms. Hernandez ‘to tell her kids to stop it.’” She said Hernandez ignored her and later “hit her on the shoulder,” The Oregonian reports.